The System:
6” insulation board is sandwiched between two magnesium oxide boards and integrated with noncorrosive fasteners and ThermaSteel xPanels. The finished wall is completely sealed in all sides by non-combustible magnesium oxide boards thus, in case of fire, the wall is completely non-combustible as well.
The exterior face of panels can come with any cladding. The joints between panels are hidden by special expansion joints.

All materials, components and applications/installations are tested, certified and are in accordance with Canadian Building Code and complies or exceeds new National Energy Code of Canada for Buildings 2017.

Unbeatable Cost Advantages:
Trades that you don’t have to worry about (substitute any substrate in the wall including the labour)

1. Exterior cladding (comes prefinished with stucco, siding or paint)
2. Exterior Insulation Finish System (the panels have min. R30 thermal resistance)
3. Exterior air/weather barrier
4. Exterior vapour barrier (Tyvek, Blueskin and similar wraps)
5. Studs (wood or steel)
6. Exterior Sheathing (OSB, Drywall, fiber board and similar substrate)
7. Interior insulation (Batt, Mineral wool, EPS foam, spray foam, rigid foam etc.)
8. Interior air/weather barrier
9. Plastering
10. Taping
11. And more.

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  1. Energy efficient, Environmental friendly
The raw materials do not include harmful or toxic substances. Energy-saving effects of the building is improved thanks to panel’s R30 thermal resistance. The R-Value can be greatly increased easily.
2. Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®)
The system is designed with a zero-waste manufacturing approach and has been designed to reduce the carbon footprint of buildings supporting the sustainable, green building goals.
3. Durable, Strong, but light
70+ years building life span. Magnesium oxide boards can withstand extremely high impacts.
4. Fireproof (non-combustible)
Panels have a fire rating of 1000C of burning for 240 minutes.
5. Sound insulation
The sound insulation capacity in the air is 42db.
6. Waterproof, damp-proof
No bead or molding on wall panel surface in wet climate.
7. Quakeproof
More suitable for seismic & cyclone prone zones.
8. Woodpecker, termite, bugs
Magnesium board is practically impregnable.
9. Rapid installation
Being light in weight, handling and installation become very easy. One worker can do over 200 sqf in a day.
10. Clean working
It is very convenient, less building rubbish left after installation and clean up easily.
11. Excellent surface finish
The wallboard surface is level. You can plaster directly for inner decoration. It also can take all decorative treatment.
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    Unbeatable Technical Advantages