Our Priority
Although, we strive for excellence and high quality in our profession, we always prioritize our team members' needs, well-being, health, comfort and safety first.

About Team Members
While working with several projects, we have met some exceptional tradesmen whose trade skills and work attitute have impressed us. Therefore, before starting our project, we have a clear idea about setting up a team that will create an exceptional results. Our team members are our friends, not workers. We all have open communications and all have a right of "say" in every level of work.

Allie, Seth and Zenelle met in Edmonton in 2013 after long journey in life. Their primary assets were their  refined skills, honesty and complete trust in each other.
Allie has over 25 years of experience in stucco, stoning, painting, wallpaper, tiling and general repairs.
Zenellle is a 13-year stucco and stone master whom we have partnered in most of our projects.
Seth is a Certified Engineering Technologist at ASET (Member No: 555110)  with over 15 years of experience in design and drafting field. He has been partnered with Allie and Zenelle since 2014.
Tahir has completed over 50 projects mainly in Alberta and known as oldest tradesmaster for stucco and stoning. For his extensive experience, skills and attention on details on commercial projects, he will be our partner.
Abas, with over 20 years of experience in every scope of construction work, is our dear friend and always accepts our invitation for work.

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