Stop the Woodchuck!

Most buildings with insulation based walls suffer from Woodpecker strikes. These hammer-head punching machines will destroy your house in one day if you don't watch for them. We have a patented woodpecker system that comes over 10 year of warranty. Our system not only guarantees the complete protection for woodpecker harassment, but also a total solution for termite, bugs, rusting and molding. Our system uses a Magnesium Oxide board against insulation panels which gives perfect flatness for stucco finish and durability that will last lifetime. Magnesuim board is clean, noncombustible and very light.

ShieldIt Base Coats are acrylic polymer-modified products, which are mixed in a proprietary ratio to produce the two composite base coats for warding off woodpeckers, and improving point-impact resistance, such as on pedestrian wall areas, and decorative EIFS trim.